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I’m a British Pakistani artist from Manchester with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from the Manchester School of Art. What inspires me to create art is the possibility of visualising the unseen and tapping into the imagination to produce visual possibilities that others can resonate with, forming a sense of relatability through an individual process like visual art.


I use digital painting to create semi-abstract surreal environments informing a narrative, utilising colour to direct the viewer’s emotive perceptions. These ethereal environments serve as a space for the viewer to be immersed through interrelated perspectives; inviting the audience to inhabit the space, and blurring the lines between real and perceived realities.


Geometric figures regularly feature in my art; a sphere, representative of a natural entity, symbolises the self; the cuboid, a more man-made angular form, symbolises the other. The abstract quality of these forms invites the viewer to subjectively project themselves, allowing them to integrate with the environment, further drawing them into the piece.

Often deriving from a visceral emotion, I explore themes of distance, isolation, other-worldliness and cultural identity. These notions provoke the question of placement and non-placement serving as a reaction to sociocultural and interpersonal relationships in the landscape of contemporary society. 

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